What are my fees?2021-11-15T16:50:46+00:00

10 Harley Street
First (100 minutes) £290
On Going (50 minutes) £175

The Forge, 99 Stanmore Hill
First (100 minutes) £250
On Going (50 minutes) £150

First (100 minutes) £200
On Going (50 minutes) £125

What if I’m late for a session?2021-07-28T11:50:05+00:00

Our sessions together are your time, which you will have booked and paid for. I’m not able to  extend our session beyond our allocated session time, and missed sessions are non-refundable. If you are more than 10 minutes late, it is unlikely that we will be able to have an effective session as you may find it harder to relax sufficiently and there will be much less time to work effectively during the session.

It’s always a good idea to allow more time than you think you will need when travelling to a session, so you arrive relaxed and in the best frame of mind for our time together.


What is your cancellation policy?2021-08-31T15:12:31+00:00

Please note that there is a 48 hour cancellation policy after which full payment is required. There is no charge for cancelling more than 48 hours before a booked session.


Do you have online sessions?2021-10-27T08:49:45+00:00

Yes, there is evidence that hypnosis via online sessions is effective. It is safe if we observe some simple precautions.


Can I bring someone with me to my appointments?2021-07-28T11:49:51+00:00

Yes you can. Hypnosis is normally carried out just with the client and the hypnotherapist in the room. We do not normally use a chaperone and therefore my practice is to make an audio recording of the session and to keep a confidential copy. I will make a copy of this for you upon request.  You may also record the session yourself. Indeed I encourage you to do so. If you prefer to have a friend or family member accompany you then this is absolutely fine. Just be aware that they may well find that they enter a trance like state too during the session if they are susceptible to hypnosis. If you wish to have a chaperone from the clinic staff this is possible too depending on availability.


Does hypnotherapy really work?2021-07-28T11:49:46+00:00

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process, and to achieve your goals, you need to actively participate in the process. It’s not a magical quick fix, and it’s unlikely to work if you are expecting someone to passively “fix” you or take away any responsibility you might have in your journey of getting better. I can never absolutely promise that I can help you.  What I do promise is to do my best to help you learn new ways of managing pain and minimising its effects on your life and well being.


Will I lose control under hypnosis?2021-07-28T11:49:42+00:00

No. Quite the opposite. You will be in control the whole time. During our time together, you’ll experience hypnosis and how to develop your self-hypnosis skills. This will enable you to manage your pain, expand your capabilities and feel control of your health and wellbeing. The whole process is about  you learning how to control your thoughts and feelings in ways that were not previously possible for you.

Who shouldn’t have hypnotherapy?2021-07-28T11:49:37+00:00

Hypnotherapy is a very safe form of therapy, but there are a few instances when it’s not advised. Hypnosis may be contraindicated if you are suffering from, or have ever suffered from, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, a personality disorder, or epilepsy.


Can I be made to do something against my will under hypnosis?2021-07-28T11:49:31+00:00

We are true to ourselves and our values under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, you cannot be made to do anything that would you object to, or not wish to do, in another other real-world situation.   Equally, being in a hypnotic state does not mean we will be persuaded into revealing personal secrets. We will only share what we choose to share.


Can I be trapped in a trance state?2021-07-28T11:49:26+00:00

No. It is a natural process to come out of trance even without help to do so. You will also always be able to bring yourself back to your present “awake” state when you wish to do so. I will also always make sure that you are fully out of a  hypnotic state at the end of each session.

Will I be unconscious?2021-07-28T11:49:11+00:00

No.  One of the biggest myths about hypnosis is that it induces a deep sleep or a state of unconsciousness. You will always have some awareness of what is going on around you. Hypnosis actually heightens our focused attention, enabling us to be open to new and helpful ways of perceiving ourselves and our surroundings.

Can anyone be hypnotised?2021-07-28T11:49:20+00:00

Most of us can be hypnotised quite readily. Some people hypnotise very easily indeed. A few are not hypnotisable or may not find it effective for them. It is more likely to be successful when you want to engage in the process, and feel able to relax. I will help you to do this.


The Forge, 99 Stanmore Hill

10 Harley Street, London

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