Are you struggling with pain that is preventing you from
leading a comfortable and happy life?

Have you tried many different treatments but still feel stuck?

Have you been told that nothing more can be done?

Are you living with unexplained pain, or are looking to reduce your reliance on painkillers?

If so, I can help. Welcome to London Pain Hypnotherapy.

I’m Dr Rebecca Berman, and I am a Consultant in Pain Medicine and a Hypnotherapist based in Harley Street and Stanmore.

Hypnosis to help people who suffer with chronic pain has a well established scientific
basis with many clinical and laboratory studies published over many decades

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Why work with me?

I am a Consultant in Pain Medicine, as well as a medical hypnotherapist. I combine skills from my many years of clinical expertise as a pain medicine doctor in the NHS, with my hypnotherapy skills.

Rather than just treating the symptoms, I will work with you to relieve any deep-seated fears, concerns and worrying thoughts and beliefs involved in your pain experience, so that you yourself can bring about the changes you need to improve. You will learn self-hypnosis skills so that you have a “tool kit” for lasting change which you can draw upon anytime you need.

How hypnotherapy for managing pain can benefit you
  • Hypnotherapy can bring powerful, lasting results, and in a short space of time. Many people begin to feel the benefits are just two or three sessions.

  • Hypnotherapy is very safe

  • Hypnotherapy rarely produces adverse effects.

  • Hypnotherapy can help you take back control of your life, empowering you to do such more than you thought you could.

  • If you choose to work with me you will have the peace of mind knowing they you are in the care of a highly experienced pain medicine doctor.


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The Forge, 99 Stanmore Hill

10 Harley Street, London